Book review: You Are Awesome by Matthew Syed

ELS library assistant Sarah shares her lockdown read, the inspiring and uplifting non-fiction book, You Are Awesome by Matthew Syed.

You Are Awesome

You Are Awesome by Matthew Syed is more than just a book. It acts like an encouraging friend, telling you to follow your dreams, never give up and page by page, gently nudging you and reminding you of your vast potential.

This easy-to-read book is full of interesting facts and powerful quotes from historical greats to modern day heroes, as well as witty stories drawn from the author’s own life experiences.  It busts several myths, including the idea that many people hold that those who are considered to be at the peak of their career were just born gifted or simply very lucky and reminds the reader that sheer perseverance and plenty of practice is what really reaps rewards. Its light-hearted tone is very appealing and much more motivating than a nagging parent saying, ‘just try harder!’. Knowing that the author has led by example gives the advice much more gravitas.

In my opinion, You Are Awesome will leave readers of any age raring to go and inspired to try, try, try again!


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