Book review: The Witch’s Kiss by Katharine and Elizabeth Corr

ELS library assistant Aimee reviews Katharine and Elizabeth Corr’s debut Young Adult novel, The Witch’s Kiss.

Having recently read and loved the first book in Katharine and Elizabeth Corr’s second series, The Throne of Swans, I decided my next move would be to give their first series a go.

The trilogy starts with The Witch’s Kiss and follows the life of Merry, who has inherited a 1500-year-old curse on her bloodline. It is her task to deal with a dark wizard, Gwydion, who has started to awaken, and who basically wants to destroy humanity using the human puppet Jack as his ‘King of Hearts’.

Merry is an untrained witch so with the help of her gran, who is the leader of the local coven, and her brother Leo, she tries to figure out a way of breaking the curse. However, as she gets to know Jack better, she starts to inherit her ancestor’s feelings for him and falls in love. Can she save him? Will love’s kiss be able to save the day?

This book has it all – danger, suspense, romance and magic. I would say it is loosely based around the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale with a modern-day twist. I loved Merry’s character as she felt like a normal teenage girl. I look forward to where her adventures are going to take us in the rest of the trilogy!


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