Book review: The Witch’s Blood by Katharine and Elizabeth Corr

ELS library assistant Aimee is back to review the final book in Katharine and Elizabeth Corr’s magical Young Adult series, The Witch’s Blood. You can read Aimee’s verdict on the previous two books here and here.

book cover of The Witch\'s Blood

This is the third and final instalment in The Witch’s Kiss Trilogy.

With Leo captured by Ronan and taken into an alternative reality in another dimension, Merry is determined to get him back. Ronan has used blood magic to summon the King of Hearts, using Leo as its vessel. If Merry doesn’t get to him in time and stop him, Leo may be lost forever!

The rest of the coven are not prepared to help so Merry is forced to do things her own way, using forbidden blood magic. With the unexpected help of Finn, she embarks on her journey through the shadow realm to rescue her brother. Along the way she meets familiar faces from her past, which makes the story all the more intriguing as they also seem to have existed in this alternative reality too.

When Merry finally returns to her own world, the trouble doesn’t end. It seems her creation of the portal has caused the barrier between the two worlds to break down and magical creatures have started to break through. It is up to Merry to work out how to stop the worlds from merging. Will she be able to stop Ronan and seal the barrier forever? Magic comes at a price –  is she willing to sacrifice everything in order to save everyone she loves?

I have loved reading about Merry and Leo and this final instalment was gripping from beginning to end. I particularly enjoyed the world the authors created in the alternative fantasy realm, the mix of characters from the past and magical creatures really ignited the imagination. A perfect end to a brilliant trilogy!


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