Book review: Saving Celeste by Timothée de Fombelle

As World Kid Lit Month – the annual celebration of children’s books from across the world – draws to a close, ELS library assistant Rosie reviews Saving Celeste by French writer Timothée de Fombelle. Translated into English by Sarah Ardizzone, Saving Celeste is an example of how translated books can unlock doors, taking readers into … Continue reading Book review: Saving Celeste by Timothée de Fombelle


Introducing ELS librarian Sarah Kaye

We are very pleased to welcome our new librarian, Sarah Kaye, to the ELS team. Sarah will be responsible for delivering the service to primary schools in Halton, as well as overseeing provision to special schools throughout Cheshire. Over to Sarah! Hello lovely people! I’m Sarah Kaye and I have recently started working as an … Continue reading Introducing ELS librarian Sarah Kaye